Friday, 20 April 2007

Waterstone's Product Placement

Continuing in the bookish theme, I found this interesting. It's from Waterstone's "New Promotional Strands" release at the end of last year and helps to "compliment their "book matchmakers" stretegy"... Whatever that means!
  • If you want your book to be their Offer of the Week it's £10,000. For that they "hope" to sell 10,000 copies. So you are selling a book at discount and paying £1 each for the pleasure.
  • If you want your book displayed in the New Titles shelf it's £1,000 a month.
  • If you want your hardback to appear in the "proper" bit in the normal shelves it's a mere £350.
  • If you want your book to appear with a "If You Like, You'll Love" handwritten note from staff then it's £1,000.
...and to think I thought that the branch staff had an input. Ha. It's not just Waterstone's who charge huge amounts - it was £50,000 to get a book onto WHSmith's recommended reading Christmas list last year! Or £15,000 for a boring "normal" week.

Having done a spot of research, it seems that I am years behind the times, as this Spectator article from 2001 demonstrates!!

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