Monday, 14 May 2007

Can you write a "Loo Book"?

Long Barn Books is looking for THE BEST NEW LOO BOOK and to that end they are running a competition that is now open for entries and closes on the 14th June. Initially they only want outline proposals via email and if they want to proceed they may commission your book. The proposal should be suitable for a small format hardback of 150 pages or so. Emails to if you've got a good idea.

What they're not looking for is clones of previously successful titles (Schott`s Miscellany, Does Anything Eat Wasps?, Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?, etc), books of jokes or books about toilets/bottoms/etc.

Whilst this last caveat has blown most of my ideas out of the water, I shall keep thinking about it.

(Oh - they are also running a first novel competition but I suspect that the chances of me writing a masterpiece by mid-June are pretty slim indeed!)

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