Thursday, 3 May 2007

Choices, Choices

What is a girl to do with all these home media options on the market...?

First up we have the AppleTV. Sounds (and looks!) good but there are some things I just don't like about it. It just feels too restrictive and as if it's not really there yet. Something about being so closely tied into iTunes grates and makes this a no-no.

Then there is the Tivo Series 3 but I am just not sure about the price. Plus I've never really got into Tivo so it's a bit of a blur to me.

Just announced is Vudu - connects straight to your TV with no need for PC or cable box to enable p2p movie downloads straight from the studios. The box is about the size of a hardcover book and delivers video streamed in MPEG-4, which is upscaled to HD. It has HDMI, composite, and S-Video ports. All of which means very little to me but sounds good although at the moment it's not clear how big the hard drive is or if you can add on content you already have.

Alternatively there's plans afoot for the PS3 but pretty unclear atm exactly how these compete.

Or I could buy something like this Ziova CS505 instead to upscale existing content and it works with Mac/PC and saves the need to burn content to disc to watch....

Too many choices. Although on reflection I note that none are a blu-ray or HD-DVD player. Interesting.

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