Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Guerrilla Gardening!

Comrades! A call to arms.

This post was inspired by a wine-induced conversation I recently had with Ken after I'd read about the Matchbox Garden. We agreed that it would be a wonderful thing indeed if we could sneak out and plant rogue seeds across the city in a very tame version of urban warfare.

I've done some "research" and discovered a couple of sites devoted to the topic (which saves me a job) and thought I'd share Guerrilla Gardening. It describes itself as the global forum for guerrilla gardeners of all shades of green (includes before and after photos) and is a generally lighthearted look at transforming on a small-scale. I also found a fun link explaining how to make Moss Graffiti.

I have also discovered that some people take this whole Guerrilla Gardening thing pretty seriously and see it as an "against the wall come the revolution" type movement. I am firmly in the planing pretty flowers camp.

Make a seed grenade! Blag some seedlings! Grab your trowel! Go transform!

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