Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Find out how much your appliances really cost you with the Sust-it calculator.

They cover everything from TVs to fridges and (using the manufacturers own information) it's really easy to see the impact that inefficient products have on your pocket (as well as the environment). I was very surprised by the true cost difference between apparently similar items and it seems to me that the energy efficiency ratings on products could do with similar transparency.

e.g. Nintendo Wii - £2.13 per year v. PS3 - £47.69. In 32" TVs - Samsung LE32M61B - £103.53 per year v. Panasonic TX32LXD7's £43.29 (which still shocked me!)

If, following that, you had a quick look into providing your own energy supply - pop over to Better Generation for info.

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