Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

See you in 2008!

Monday, 24 December 2007

LucasFilm Christmas Cards

It must be nearly Christmas as I've managed to shoehorn another Star Wars-ish post in this month. Brilliant. This is a collection of the last 30 years of Christmas cards from LucasFilm. I wish I was on their mailing list for the earlier ones :(

Nativity Scene

This may be the oddest Nativity Scene I have seen so far this year but I quite enjoyed it!

House Bling

Good to see an impressive display of house bling coming from Old Blighty for a change. Alex Goodhind from Melksham, Wiltshire paid Southern Electric £700 to install an industrial power cable and will add around £500 to his electricity bill. Good news - it's now for charity and he's raised about £4,000 for the local Dorothy House hospice. Story Link.

Wrap Art

So - it's the day before Christmas, you've not wrapped any presents and you have forgotten to buy paper. All hail the Wrap Art site and their mission statement "How to wrap presents creatively, using fragments of paper and miscellaneous items from around your house". The best bit is that rather than looking cheap, it implies that you meant it to look like this!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ian Sansom's Christmas

An article in yesterday's Guardian "We're doing Christmas" made me chuckle. It covers the four key elements of Christmas - food, presents, decorations and the entertainment.

"The turkey's ordered (three, just to be sure), the Christmas lists have been written (and ignored) and the knitted baby Jesus is out."

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Wildlife Photographer of the Year?

I present my nomination for WPotY - a brilliant photo of a robin I captured from my kitchen window yesterday. I look forward to the judges feedback. Some other (clearly inferior) entries here.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Spoof Star Wars Toys

Must be time for another Star Wars post? Link to some toys that never made it into production.

The Convenient Solution

From Greenpeace - a short film about climate change and energy. Link to discussion page here and if you live in the UK and want to write to your MP about it, that would be great.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Crap Cycle Lanes

The Warrington Cycle Campaign's "facility of the month" feature (the pic below is October 2006) has now been turned into a book celebrating the fifty worst cycle lanes in the UK! All royalties go to the Cyclists Defence Fund - yours for just £4.99.

Link to Crap Cycle Lanes

"Look darling a sustainable future"

From the Imaginary Foundation, some great newly released t-shirts (in 100% organic cotton, of course) including this one.

Vampire Energy

via Lifehacker comes this link to an article by Good Magazine demonstrating how much "vampire" sucking energy is used by kit on standby. They estimate the total cost to the US economy to be $3 billion a year. Yikes.

Just doing some sums in my head and it's time to invest in a few power strips!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Bic Review

From amazon comes this review of the humble pic pen. Link to screendump of review just in case it goes awol.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Wine Glass Holder

From the Wine Enthusiast and a snip at $24.95 comes this most useful wine glass holder. I need never lose my glass at parties again - although I might look like a bit of a tit...

Modern Dating

Friday, 7 December 2007

Roll Up, Roll Up! Getcha Postcards 'Ere...

Me and My Big Mouth alerted me to an auction that's going on over on eBay at the moment. The authors of the book Nothing to Write Home About, Michelle and Sue, came up with a great idea. They sent blank Hinde postcards to a bunch of celebs and asked them to write something on them. The resulting postbag is now up for auction on eBay.

All proceeds go to Careers UK and the lots end today so head on over and help out a great cause. I've currently got a £3 bid on June Whitfield because I felt sad that nobody else had. Leading the stakes as I write is Tracey Emin on £36 closely followed by Stephen Fry (£25) then Damon Albarn, Karl Pilkinton and Stuart Murdoch on £21. The geek in me wants Dr Who though... Bargains galore - head on over.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Injured Hedgehog

Following on from last month's story about George, I bring you a picture of an injured hedgehog. Is it wrong that I think this is cute? I suspect so...

The UK's mild autumn has meant that there are too many hedgehogs who have not built up sufficient fat reserves to go into hibernation and the RSPCA has taken in 100s of underweight hedgehogs to feed them up. What this has to do with the gratuitous pic of this hedgehog, I am not sure.

3D Paper Snowflakes

Surely it's time for a few Christmas-related posts? I do love Christmas Craft (even though I am utterly useless) and quite like the idea of making a few of these pretty 3D paper snowflakes with my niece.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Cute Pug

Just a cute picture of a pug!

Steampunk Wedding

I am impressed with Siouxzi Rodeman and Alan Donnelly's steampunk wedding (read about on Offbeat Bride). The attention to detail gets a highly commended from me and I want one of the custom ties. Even though I would never wear it!

Things Found Inside Of A Dog’s Stomach

I can empathise with poster of this collection of stories and x-rays from Dog Reflections as one of our dogs had to have emergency surgery after eating several plant pots. This has not put him off eating pretty much anything that comes his way (a cow pat, whole shoes, glasses....)

Oddest in this collection was the Wii remote and scariest the 12" knife. *shudder*

Ghost Whisperer

As a frequent Ghost Whisperer watcher, I have become fixated by the unique outfits worn by Melinda Gordon (JLH) as displayed in the photo below. Sadly, I have been unable to track down a website dedicated to Melinda Gordon's outfits - I may have to make my own homage for youtube! Not joking...

I did stumble upon an exerpt from the Season Two DVD - "Melinda's Closet" where clothing guru Joseph Porro, the costume designer responsible for Melinda Gordon’s trendsetting, romantic style will explain how he chooses the unusual mix of antique and modern clothes and jewelry that make up Melinda’s inspired look. Click for a sneak peak.