Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ghost Whisperer

As a frequent Ghost Whisperer watcher, I have become fixated by the unique outfits worn by Melinda Gordon (JLH) as displayed in the photo below. Sadly, I have been unable to track down a website dedicated to Melinda Gordon's outfits - I may have to make my own homage for youtube! Not joking...

I did stumble upon an exerpt from the Season Two DVD - "Melinda's Closet" where clothing guru Joseph Porro, the costume designer responsible for Melinda Gordon’s trendsetting, romantic style will explain how he chooses the unusual mix of antique and modern clothes and jewelry that make up Melinda’s inspired look. Click for a sneak peak.

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Son of Orac said...

Sure.... but I bet a sod to iron (so people who iron tell me).