Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Panda Heaven

From the Beeb:

"Eighteen panda cubs living in China's Wolong Nature Reserve have been named at a ceremony in Sichuan province. Names for the five to seven-month-old cubs were chosen from about 30,000 entries submitted by the public after an appeal for ideas. Tao Tao (playful in Mandarin) and Huan Huan (happiness) were amongst the most popular. After the ceremony, the cubs left their mothers for the first time to stay in a panda "kindergarten". The move is to help the pandas adapt to the humidity and group living. They will be resident until they are a year old."

When at least one of them needs to move into my garden. Or I need to book myself a flight to China to go panda-hugging. Is that ethical...?


Son of Orac said...


They must really smell. Glad I have not got one.

Peta said...

Shatter my dreams, why don't you? I am sure they can not smell as bad as my spaniels after they've been wading in stagnant ponds... Can they?