Monday, 21 July 2008


I heard about JJ Abrams new show Fringe over on Mysterious Outposts:

"The opening minutes are one of the goriest, grossest things I've ever seen on a TV show. It is an effective freak-out moment, and says immediately that this show is going to be something else."

Intrigued, I popped over to Fringe Television, the official site, to learn more and peer at some of the YouTube trailers. Erp - it looks like it could be a bit scary for me but then, as my husband loves to tell anyone who will listen, so was Practical Magic. The show does however star Joshua Jackson and I have still not recovered from my crush on Pacey Witter so that's the "must watch" clincher for me.

The pilot is not due to air in the USA until September so it could be a while before I see more but I am intrigued! So much so that I've already clicked the leaf and am awaiting my first clue.

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